There are so many ways to make money online that some people have found it easy to make five or even ten thousand dollars a month just marketing products and services. It won’t matter what you offer, as long as you have lots of traffic, as that’s the key to making money online. If you know how to get visitors, then you know how to create a cash flow. You’ll want to start out using those marketing methods that don’t require money, as there’s plenty of time for investment later once you’ve actually made money. One of the best ways to drive traffic to your site with no investment is article marketing, as you’ll have plenty of time to invest in other marketing methods later once you’ve made money. You’re about to see why article marketing is so great.

Out of all the perks that article marketing offers, the increase in pageranks is by far the best benefit. When you put your articles on the internet, you will get more backlinks. The more inbound links you have to your site, the higher page rank you will get. Over time, you’ll see your page rank getting more valuable with both Google and individuals.

Another benefit that can be derived from article marketing is that you can use it to grow a substantial email mailing list for yourself.

Your articles can be directed to appeal to people within your niche and entice them to subscribe to your mailing list. You can use the resource box at the foot of your article to add a link that points directly to your opt-in page. Add a note in your resource box about a free report or ebook being available for people who subscribe and this could help increase the number of people who click on the link. You can easily follow up with your new subscribers and promote them your own product or affiliate products.

An important part of article marketing is that it can also help to build a relationship between you and your readers. It’s easy to publish the articles you write on your website or in your newsletter for readers to enjoy. To create success in an online business, it’s important to build relationships with people who are interested in your niche who may become future customers.

Aside from this, your readers may eventually begin to look forward to your new articles, which is a great sign of trust in you.

In conclusion, the benefits you can derive from article marketing are immense, it’s how you utilize this method which makes the difference. It’s true that most people will never make money with article marketing and that’s due to the fact that they don’t do the research. Do not ignore proper research of the keywords and content if you ever hope to succeed.